YAME Tea Demonstration @ WeWork GIZA SIX

by 八女伝統本玉露 by January 30, 2020

We would like to tell the excellence of Yame tea to global entrepreneurs and those who are active in startup companies this time.

YAME DENTOU HON GYOKURO "Shizuku Tea", "Yame Green Tea Sparkling" full of refreshing feeling, and "Yame Roasted Green Tea Ice Tightening" intoxicated with a fragrant aroma. 

The Yame tea served in a wineglass has an exceptional flavor, and the rich aroma and flavor of the tea is sure to delight the participants.

The final chapter is "YAME DENTOU HON GYOKURO Ice Brew ". 

The special refined green tea is made by putting the tea leaves of Japan's YAME DENTOU HON GYOKURO together with ice in a bottle and slowly extracting them with water drops from the ice for a whole day.

We are honored to receive various compliments such as "I realized how delicious tea is." and "I want it to spread all over the world!".

Next, we are preparing various events in New York.