YAME Tea NY Event Presentation @ Wework Daimyo

by 八女伝統本玉露 by January 31, 2020

 "The press conference for holding the Yame tea world strategy New York event in Fukuoka" was held.

The demonstration of the innovative Japanese tea "Yame Tea" was navigated by Mr. Shiimado, who is in charge of production technology guidance.

YAME DENTOU HON GYOKURO Shizuku Tea, Yame Green Tea Sparkling, and Yame Roasted Green Tea Ice Tightening.

Roasted green tea was served with duck meat at a famous restaurant in New York last year.

The rich aroma of roasted green tea is sure to open up more places for acceptance.

Ice brew of YAME DENTOU HON GYOKURO at the end has the ultimate flavor and sweetness.

The tea has been surprisingly accepted and is popular for pre-orders before it is harvested.

5 TV companies and 6 TV programs, including those from the United Kingdom, came us to interview on the day of the event.