Akihiko Sakata

by 八女伝統本玉露 by January 29, 2020

Mr. Teruhiko Sakata, who used to be the chairman of the "Fukuoka Chagyo Young Men Association" is one of the important producers of tea in Kurogi City, with its vast tea fields of 1 Cho and 7 Tans. (1 Cho is about 10,000 and 1 Tan is about 1,000)

They regularly hold "Tocha-kai" (a competition in which participants taste tea and guess what kind of tea they have) with local producers to improve the senses for tea.

Kurogi City is located at a high altitude and has low temperatures. It is difficult to manage tea buds to grow them healthily and decide the timing of plucking them is difficult. 

However, he has grown tea buds that have a strong aroma and flavor with 22 years of experience and intuition.

Mr. Sakata was rewarded with the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Prize at the 2018 Fukuoka Prefecture Tea Garden Competitive Exhibition’s" Refined Green Tea Garden Section".

New shoots are growing healthily today in response to Mr. Sakata's sincere attitude.