Japanese Salon SHIZUKU

by 八女伝統本玉露 by January 30, 2020

Various "tea liquor" are served under the banner of "Research Institute of Tea Liquor". Tea is mixed with Japanese sake, wine, gin and tonic, vodka, etc.

The homemade liqueur used there is the essence of "Shizuku".

They lavishly use Yame green tea, roasted green tea, matcha, and YAME DENTOU HON GYOKURO. They make around 20 types of homemade liqueur with their original extraction method that came out after research.

We would like you to try "YAME DENTOU HON GYOKURO Shizuku Martini" here.

The king of the world's best tea and cocktail makes a wonderful taste. 

You can enjoy it on its own, but we also recommend the "HON GYOKURO Course" where you can enjoy YAME DENTOU HON GYOKURO from 5 different tastes including sake.

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